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Enjoy multi auto body services all in one place. Either you are personal or corporate customer, you get top quality results guaranteed!

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We are a full-service automotive & body repair company ABS1 Oy. We do all kinds of repairs and paintings of metal and plastic parts with professional skill. We only use high-quality materials. The color-coded color range ensures a perfect result. We perform damage repairs for all types of passenger cars and vans. We perform paintings from small spots to full car overpaint.
As a partner of insurance companies, we make official damage assessments and take care of the customer on the progress of the repair process. We use CABAS repair calculator program to ensure the correct cost estimate, quick repair and start of repair work.

You do not need to visit and show the car at the insurance company's checkpoint separately.
We will handle damage repair from start to finish. We will also be happy to help you make the damage or accident report to the insurance company. We will provide you with a replacement car during repair, if necessary.
Our work assure quality guarantee. In the event of an accident, you can choose where you are going to repair your car. You always pay a full price for your insurance, so you do not have to bargain for damage repair. We are a partner of all insurance companies.


Official damage

Body correction &

Auto paintings /

Windshield replacement

All in one car wash
+ cosmetic fixes

Full shuttle service
to private and
corporate customers

Auto Electrics

All wellding works



Best Market prices
High quality
Fast service

We offer the best market prices, high quality work and fast service.


Quality & Warranty

We give warranty for all paintings and repairs.


Full shuttle service
to customers and partners

If required, we will pick up the customer's car and return it to your desired location.
When a customer brings their own car, we offer a ride back to desired location.
If required, we can bring the customer's car to the desired location when it is ready.
We provide full transportation service to our partners.

Price Estimation

When you request a price estimate by email, you will receive an answer within 24 hours or no later than the next business day. E-mail must include images of the damaged spot or side, one overview of the entire car and a brief event description. Without photos the price estimate is indicative. We perform all painting works from small spot paintings to car overpaint.



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Make damage report electronically or by phone:

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When you contact us by email, you will receive an answer within 24 hours or no later than the next business day.